Henry Lawson - portraitWelcome to the official website of the Henry Lawson Memorial & Literary Society Inc.  Formed in 1923 to remember the life of the Australian writer Henry Lawson (1867-1922) and promote Australian Literature, the Society continues to foster poetry and prose with regular meetings and events.

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The National Henry Lawson Society Poetry Competition

Winners are:
Poetry: 1st Prize ($1,000) David Campbell for "To the Genius of Henry"; 2nd Prize ($500) Janeen Samuel for "The Geologist"; 3rd Prize ($250) Tom McIlveen for "We were Soldiers".
Short Story: 1st Prize ($1,000) John Pitman for "A Fair Deal".
Under 19 Section: 1st prize ($250) Short Story Alice Heath for "The Story of Me".

The Lawsonian

Our colour magazine The Lawsonian is distributed to members bi-monthly.

Did you know?

Henry Lawson was featured on the first Australian $10 note issued in 1966 when decimal currency was first introduced into Australia. Lawson was pictured against scenes from the town of Gulgong (NSW).